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Armenian Churches

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Since the establishment of the Istanbul Armenian Partiarchate in 1461, 55 Armenian Churches have been built. About 30 of them are still active and are listed below for your information:

Armenian Churches on the European Side

Armenian Patriarchate
┼×arapnel Sokak 3, Kumkap─▒
Tel: (212) 517 09 70
Fax : (0212) 517 26 14

Surp Kevork Armenian Church
This church locally known as Sulu Manast─▒r has overseen the patriarch since the 1600s. It is one of the churches not converted to mosque after the conquest of Istanbul.
Marmara Caddesi No. 79, Koca Mustafa Pa┼ča
Tel: (212) 585 01 93

Surp H─▒resdagabed Armenian Church
This church was built in the 1700s upon the site of a 13th or 14th century Byzantine church dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel.
Kam─▒┼č Sokak. No: 2, Balat
Tel: (212) 521 69 60

Surp Kirkor Lusavoric Armenian Church
This is the Church of St. Gregory, the Illuminator and the oldest Armenian Church in Istanbul. According to old writings, Surp Sarkis Church was around as early as 1360. A new church was constructed in 1431 however it had to be demolished due to the widening the road between Tophane and Karak├Ây. It was rebuilt by architect Bedros Zobyan in 1965 and is one of the few churches built during the Republic period. It has a specific place among the other Armenian churches with its conical dome. Inner illumination is provided by the few narrow windows suitable to Armenian Church design. The belfry next to the entrance carries the classical Armenian Church architecture.
Sak─▒zc─▒lar Sokak No. 3, Karak├Ây
Tel: (212) 292 57 62

Surp Yerrortutyun Church
Sahne Sok, Bal─▒k Pazar─▒, Galatasaray, Beyo─člu
Tel: (212) 244 13 82

Surp Harutyun Chapel
Me┼čelik Sokak 34, Beyo─člu
Tel: (212) 249 82 96

Surp Yerrortutyun Armenian Protestant Church
Emin Camii Sokak, Aynal─▒├že┼čme, Beyo─člu

Surp Hisus Pirgi├ž Armenian Catholic Church
Necati Bey Caddesi, Kuyu Sokak 3-5, Galata

Surp Asdvadzazin Armenian Patriarchate Church
┼×arapnel Sokak 3, Kumkap─▒
Tel: (212) 516 25 17 Fax: (212) 517 26 14

Gedikpa┼ča Armenian Protestant Church
Balipa┼ča Yoku┼ču 27, Kumkap─▒

Surp Harutyun Chapel
├çakmak Ta┼č─▒ Sokak 35, Kumkap─▒
Tel: (212) 517 23 01

Surp Hovhannes Armenian Protestant Church
Sarayi├ži Sokak 7/A, Gedikpa┼ča
Tel: (212) 517 80 78

Surp Tateos Parto─čomeos Armenian Church
Alboyac─▒lar Sokak 57, Yenikap─▒
Tel: (212) 530 06 95

Anarad Hi─čutyun Armenian Catholic Church
Samatya Caddesi, Samatya

Surp Hagop Armenian Church
K─▒r─▒ml─▒ Aziz Sok 16 / Ali Pa┼ča, Alt─▒mermer Sultanahmet
Tel: (212) 588 34 17

Surp Pirgi├ž Hastane ┼×apeli
Armenian Bal─▒kl─▒ Hospital, Yedikule
Tel: (212) 582 50 50

Surp Nigo─čayos Armenian Church
Posta Yolu Caddesi 159, Topkap─▒
Tel: (212) 523 65 82

Surp Ye─čya Armenian Church
Karayel Sokak 16, Ey├╝p
Tel: (212) 565 19 90

Surp Asdvadzadzin Armenian Church
Kanun Sokak 5, Ey├╝p
Tel: (212) 576 811 18

Surp Hovannes Armenian Church
Narl─▒kap─▒ Cad. No. 150, Narl─▒kap─▒
Tel: (212) 585 93 41, 585 88 67

Surp Asdvadzadzin Armenian Church
Ebuzziya Caddesi 34, Bak─▒rk├Ây
Tel: (212) 571 65 75

Surp Istepanos Armenian Church
─░nci ├çice─či Sokak 4, Ye┼čilk├Ây
Tel: (212) 573 02 43

Surp Vartanants Armenian Church
┼×ahadet Sokak 13, Ferik├Ây
Tel: (212) 248 29 13, 247 34 64

Anarad Hi─čutyun Armenian Catholic Church
Zafer Sokak, Pangalt─▒

Surp Asdvadzazdin Armenian Church
─░lhan Sok. No. 20, Be┼čikta┼č
Tel: (212) 261 85 17

Surp Asdvadzadzin Armenian Church
Cibinlik Sokak 5, Ortak├Ây
Tel: (212) 260 79 21, 260 30 16

Surp Krirkor Lusavori├ž Catholic Church
Dereboyu Caddesi 132/2, Ortak├Ây

Yerevman Surp Ha├ž Armenian Church
K─▒rba├ž Sokak 47, Kuru├že┼čme
Tel: (212) 265 56 41

Surp Santuht Armenian Church
Durmu┼č Dede Sokak 8, Rumelihisar─▒
Tel: (212) 257 72 01

Surp Yerits Mangants Armenian Church
Aktar Apti Sokak 2/1, Boyac─▒k├Ây, Emirgan
Tel: (212) 277 55 60

Surp Asdvadzadzin Armenian Church
Salih A─ča Sokak 19, Yenik├Ây
Tel: (212) 262 48 70

Surp Hripsimyants Armenian Church
├çay─▒rba┼č─▒ Sok. No: 52, B├╝y├╝kdere
Tel: (212) 242 23 66

Surp Hovhannes M─▒─č─▒rdi├ž Armenian Catholic Church
K├Âyba┼č─▒ Arka Sokak, Yenik├Ây

Surp Bo─čos Armenian Catholic Church
Piyasa caddesi, B├╝y├╝kdere

Surp Andon Armenian Catholic Church
Haziran Sokak, Tarabya

Armenian Churches on Anatolian Side and Princes' Islands

Surp Ha├ž Armenian Church
Selams─▒z Kozano─člu Sok. 3, ├ťsk├╝dar
Tel: (216) 333 02 50

Surp Takavor Armenian Church
Muvakkithane Caddesi No: 44/1, Kad─▒k├Ây
Tel: (216) 336 01 66

Surp Garabet Armenian Church
Yeni Mahalle Vasiyer Sok. 6, Ba─člarba┼č─▒, ├ťsk├╝dar
Tel: (216) 333 38 19

Surp Levon Armenian Catholic Church
Ali Suavi Sokak 1/3, Kad─▒k├Ây

Surp Ni┼čan Armenian Church
So─čanl─▒k Sokak No. 6, Kartal
Tel: (216) 347 14 12

Surp Krikor Lusavori├ž Armenian Church
├çar┼č─▒ Caddesi 40, Kuzguncuk
Tel: (216) 341 50 02

Surp Yergodasan Arakelots Armenian Church
Kurtba─čr─▒ Sokak 17, Kandilli
Tel: (216) 332 02 49

Surp Nigo─čayos Armenian Church
Mehmet Yavuz Sokak 14, Beykoz
Tel: (216) 374 14 12

Surp Kevork Lusavori├ž Armenian Church
Akg├╝nl├╝k Sokak No. 8, K─▒nal─▒ada
Tel: (216) 381 42 14

Surp Asdvadzadzin Verapohum Armenian Catholic Church
Mehmet├žik Sok, B├╝y├╝kada

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