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Artificial-Turf Football Fields

Only very few Turkish men have a professional interest in football; most of them are fans and support their favorite teams with great devotion at the stadium or in front of the TV. There are some who play soccer as a hobby and rent artificial-turf football fields on all occasions.

Therefore, you may meet people playing football on illuminated artificial-turf football fields at midnight or at down. The jury of the daily newspaper "Hürriyet", who are football fans, journalists and sports authorities, have chosen the top 10 rug-covered football fields in Turkey in 2004.

Vezir Spor Facilities
Vezir Sports Facilities is located on Çamlıca and offers five fields of varying size. Three of them have dimensions of 16 meters by 33 meters, and the dimensions of the other two are 22 meters by 38 meters and 42 meters by 38 meters. All of them are covered with artificial turf. The busiest time starts at 17:00, and the facility is open until 01:00. The fields can be rented for 75 minutes. Stands with a capacity of 100, open and covered seats, dressing rooms, showers, WC, café and infirmary are among the facilities. Car parking is free.

Akatlar Spor Kompleksi
There are four fields at Akatlar Sports Complex, Istanbul. Two of them have dimensions of 36 meters by 19 meters. The dimensions of the other two are 33 meters by 55 meters. Two fields of each size are available for use 24 hours a day. All of the fields are covered with artificial turf and have separate stands. A three-story car parking lot is available. There are two dressing rooms for each field and each room has toilets.

Gençlerbirliği Facilities
The field is located in Beşevler, Ankara and belongs to the Gençlerbirliği Football School. It is covered with synthetic grass which is known as most similar to real grass. The field is also used by the second team of Gençlerbirliği for practicing. The field has a dimension of 70 x 105 m and is open to the public between 19:00 and 24:00. There are eight dressing rooms and a café.

Üçyol Izmirspor Facilites
The field is next to the building run by Izmirspor and is covered with artificial turf. It is used for the training of students during the daytime and is open to football fans in the evening. It is mostly reserved by members. There is no parking problem and you can watch the match from the stands around the field.

Olimpik Marmara Facilities
It opened in Antalya in 1989 and has two fields. It is covered with artifical turf and the dimensions are 33 meters by 56 meters. The fields are open all night upon request. A parking lot of 150 cars, toilets, showers, dressing rooms and a café are among the facilities. There are also stands for 1000 people.

Dikilitaş Sport Club Facilities
This artificial-turf field is the training field of Dikilitaş Spor and is also open to the public every day. The dimensions are 24 meters by 42 meters. There are four toilets and a sufficient number of dressing rooms. The free parking lot has a capacity of 12 cars.

Meşale Sports Facilities
It is located on Bakırköy shore, and the field is covered with artificial grass. It is open 24 hours a day and has two fields with dimensions of 40 meters by 33 meters. WC, showers, dressing rooms, café and free parking lot are among the facilities. The field is surrounded with clear canvas and you can watch the match while sipping your tea or eating your breakfast made of local village products.

Fenerbahçe Sports School Sporyum Facilities
Sporyum Sports Facilites opened last year in Narlıdere, Izmir. There are two artificial grass fields. The dimensions are 28.5 meters by 48.5 meters. Fenerbahçe Football School students exercise here on Saturday and Sunday. It is open every day although reservation is required. Parking is not a problem. Stands will be constructed in due course.

Laruv Sports Complex
Laruv is located in Adana and spreads over an area of 4,500 m2. There are two artificial-turf fields, a five-table billiard hall, stands, a café, an internet café and a resting room. The artificial grass used on the fields is imported from Italy and the Netherlands. The dimensions of the fields are 28 meters by 46 meters. Dressing rooms and car parking are available. It is open every day between 08:00 and 01:00.

Fatih Stadium
Keçiören Kuyubaşı Fatih Stadium is in Ankara. 1.5 mm thick rubber has been spread between the concrete ground and the turf to avoid injuries. It is a very modern facility with its club building, two dressing rooms and stands of 4000 seats. It is open every day between 07:00 and 22:00. The dimension of the field is 47 meters by 96 meters and it also has a jogging route. Excluding the hours reserved for amateur and school teams, Fatih Stadium is open to the public free of charge.

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