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Baklava Shops

Baklava has a special place among Turkish sweets. First, it attracts your attention with its appearance. Then when you taste a piece, it is almost impossible to resist taking a second piece. When speaking of baklava, the first place that comes to mind is Gaziantep, from where baklava masters have spread all over Turkey. Both the ingredients used as filling and the goods used in making the dough are important. For example, the rolling pin should be made of wood from the pear tree, while the best wood to be used for fire should be oak.

In addition to the traditional baklava filled with pistachio and walnut, it is possible to find light, diabetic and aloe vera baklava.

In November 2004, the jury of the daily newspaper "Hürriyet", who are gourmets and frequently traveling food authors, chose the top 10 Baklava shops in Turkey.

Karaköy Güllüoğlu
Nadir Güllü's shop is located beneath the Karaköy multi-story parking lot and uses as its logo the Galata Tower, which is the symbol of Karaköy. Güllüoğlu produces 70,000 pieces of baklava per day. They purchase the ingredients in their prime season from the region in which they are grown. The pistachios come from Gaziantep, and the walnuts come from Karahisar in September and October. They chose the sugar beets from dry regions in order that it not soften the baklava. The butter comes from the plateaux of Urfa. They check the weather conditions everyday from the meteorology department, for if the weather is warm, the dough needs to be kneaded more thoroughly. They also produce special baklava for diabetics and with olive oil.

Imam Çağdaş
İmam Çağdaş is known as the best in Gaziantep. It was founded 107 years ago. They claim that the secret of the taste of the baklava is the Harran flour and the pistachio they use. The flour produced from the wheat grown on the Harran plain is tougher, allowing the dough to be made thinner. The pistachio called boz fıstık (gray pistachio) is tastier and is bright green (despite its name). The butter they use is also from the Harran plain.

Hacı Baba has been the indispensable location of baklava for the people of Ankara for six generations. It has four branches and sells 1.5 tons of baklava per day. Perfect timing is the secret of the taste of baklava. The period of time between the pouring of the sherbet and the removing of the cooked baklava from the oven, and the quality are important points. The butter used in the baklava comes from Şanlıurfa, and the pistachios are from Gaziantep. Walnuts are purchased from Niksar. It is open everyday between 08:30 and 20:00.

Habeş Seyidoğlu shop is in Laleli. but the baklava is produced in the factory at Beylikdüzüand delivered to Seyidoğlu stores throughout Istanbul. The secret of the taste is in the best flour, sugar, butter, pistachios and walnuts used. The baklava is made of 12 layers of dough and baklava with aloe vera is among the specialties.

The third generation of the Hacıbozanoğlu family runs the shop in Laleli. The factory is in Bahçelievler. They claim that the taste comes from the good workmanship and the quality of the ingredients. The unripe pistachios come from Gaziantep and Urfa, while the butter is provided from the villages of Urfa. The baklava is composed of 20-22 layers of very thin dough.

Karacaoğlu was founded in 1972 and has seven branches in Ankara. Karacaoğlu was awarded with the "World Quality Prize" in the food sector in 2002. Their motto is "Dough not kneaded with love does not become baklava." The pistachios are provided from Nizip, Gaziantep, the flour from Ceylanpınarı and Siverek, Şanlıurfa, and the walnuts from Niksar, Tokat. It is open every day between 07:00 and 22:00.

Seç Turizm is a transportation company which carries the famous Gaziantep baklava to Adana daily. Now it has become a brand name in selling baklava. The baklava is on put on display at noon and has been sold out by evening. They use top quality flour, butter and pistachios, and they give full weight to workmanship. The pistachios used are in big pieces.

In addition to the shop in Nişantaşı Valikonağı, Dedeoğlu has four branches. The factory is in İkitelli. The shops are open between 07:30 and 22:00. They use the highest quality ingredients. The butter is from Urfa and the pistachios are from Gaziantep. Dedeoğlu has been selling baklava in Istanbul since 1952, and the baklava they produce is made up of 30 layers of very thin dough.

Ünlüoğlu is the favorite baklava shop in Antalya and has been serving for 16 years. The owner, Mehmet Gözalıcı, recommends trying the telkadayıf with pistachio, which is served with cream.

Cemil Baba
This family company is located on İnönüCaddesi, Izmir and has been in service for 35 years. They use butter from specially raised sheep in Şanlıurfa. The pistachio is provided from Gaziantep and the walnut is from Niksar, Tokat. There are ten baklava masters, and the newest master has been working for twenty years. They also sell su böreği and other Turkish sweets.

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