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Best of Beer Houses

For years, beer houses were places known in Turkey as shed-like establishments suffocating in cigarette smoke where women customers fear to tread. However, the entrance of famous brands into the market has raised the quality of beer houses. There are German beer houses and English pubs in the big cities. The daily Hürriyet newspaper formed a jury of artists, writers and gourmets who enjoy drinking beer in April 2004 and they listed the best beer houses in Turkey:

Taps is located in a three-story building in Teşvikiye and sells only the beer it produces. The bar has a capacity of 80, while the restaurant hosts 100 people. On the upper floor, there is a barley mill, beer-producing tanks are on the middle floor, and the kegs are at the entrance and in the basement. The beer is sold fresh. There are four kinds of beer with different tastes. All the equipment is provided from Germany and the beer master Tobias Palmer is German. Besides beer, food from Italian and American cuisine is also served at Taps. Mussels, Taps Steak and Portobello pizza are the favorite dishes.

Me Gusta
Me Gusta means " I like" in Spanish, and it sells Efes, Beck's and Miller brands. Although the food is world cuisine, the menu mainly consists of Mexican food. Meat and chicken are grilled, and hot fajitas, spaghetti varieties and Topkapı pizza are among the favorites. The site has a capacity of 250. American billiards is free for the customers. DJs play music every day and there are two giant cine-vision screens.

Alman Biraevi
Alman Biraevi is a place, which was first planned to be a beer museum in 1996, but is now only a beer house. Kebir kebab and Kebir Spaghetti are among the favorites in Italian and French cuisine. Efes Pilsen, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Corona, Rolling Rock, Ice Beer, Grolsch and Heineken are among the twenty brands available. The capacity is 300. Live alternative rock music is played on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Entrance is subject to a fee on Friday and Saturday nights, and one glass of local beer is included in the price.

The Pub
The Pub was founded two years ago in a two-story building in Ankara with a terrace with a view of Atakule. It has a capacity of 600, with seats for 200. There is a gigantic cinevision screen, a fireplace and seven dartboards. The Pub resembles English Pubs and there are 100 kinds of drinks. The brands of beer are Budwiser, Corona, Sol, Killkenny, Labatt Ice, Grolsch, Carlsberg and Tuborg. Happy Hour is until 19:30 and the second glass is free. Moreover, there is a 25% discount in the price of a different beverage every week. There is even a breathalyzer to check whether you are drunk or not.

It is located in Izmir Kordonboyu and has been in service since 1976. It hosts 350 people with its garden. Besides all imported alcohols, Efes Pilsen, Beck's and Miller are the brands of beer available. The decoration has not been changed for 28 years, and the customers are usually middle-aged or older. Any kind of food except fish is offered. Çerkezköy sausages are the specialty of the site.

Bierstube means "Beer House" in German, and it has been located in Yeşilköy Polat Renaissance Hotel for eleven years. They sell Efes Pilsen on draught. Efes Pilsen, Beck's Miller, Bud, Carlsberg, Grolsch, Corona and Clausthaler (non-alcoholic) are the brands sold in bottles. It is open everyday from 17:00 to 02:00. Happy Hour is between 17:00 and 20:00 and a 25% discount is applied. It has a sea and pool view. There is an open buffet on Saturdays. Slow live music is played on Friday and Saturday nights. The menu is mostly German cuisine.

Beyoğlu The North Shield
The Noth Shield at Beyoğlu AFM Fitaş Movie Theater is one of the 15 North Shields in Turkey. Efes Pilsen, Carlsberg and Tuborg are available on tap. English ale is the favorite among the customers. The establishment has two floors, a fireplace and has a capacity of 300. Soccer games can be watched from plasma TV screens. It is open on weekdays from 11:00 to 01:00 and on Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 04:00. DJs play underground music on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The menu is mostly composed of Italian cuisine. Beer is 50% more expensive after 16:00.

Old English Pub
It is located on Bağdat Caddesi, Kadıköy and has a capacity of 170. Efes, Bud, Sol, Kilkenny, Fosters, Labatt Ice, Becks and Miller are the beer brands available. New York Steak, Manchester Steak, Lady Louisiana Chicken, fish and chips and Robin Burger are among the favorites. English and Turkish soccer league matches can be watched from the plasma TV over the bar.

Kalyon is one of the oldest beer houses in Alsancak, İzmir. It has been in service for 26 years and is open everyday, except Sunday, between 10:00 and 24:00. Besides imported beverages, Kalyon offers Efes Pilsen, Beck's and Miller brand beer. The pub is decorated with wood and with nautical accessories. Kalyon has a capacity of 150, including the garden. A set menu is served at noon; varieties of fish, meat and chicken are available for dinner.

Even if you visit Gümüşat only for a glass of beer, you may leave the place as a perfect chess player because everybody at Gümüşat is a chess player. Gümüşat is located in the Sular district of Adana, famous for its entertainment spots. Gümüşat has been organizing the Gümüşat Chess Tournament for 18 years. The menu offers grilled meat and chicken in addition to snacks.

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Best of Beer Houses

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