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Best of Children's Playgrounds

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The jury of the daily newspaper "Hürriyet", who are mothers, journalists, city planning authorities and employees of the municipality, have chosen the top 10 children's playgrounds.

Özgürlük Park
Selamiçeşme Özgürlük Park is located on an area of 120.000 m2. The playground consists of three swings, slides, seesaws, and protected swings for small children. A fun road where children learn traffic rules is also available. In order to avoid injuries caused by falling down, the ground is covered with a special alloy. In summer a play corner with inflated toys is also available

Moda Park
This small park in Moda is a favorite with parents on weekends. The park is located alongside tea gardens, restaurants and walking areas. Traffic lights, letters and signs are added to play groups for educational purposes. The tall trees surrounding the park provide a cool corner in the summer.

It is located in the Miniaturk complex at Sütlüce on the banks of Haliç (The Golden Horn). A Trojan Horse was built for children to climb and slide down. Also present at the park are ship and castle models, and the ground is covered with a special kind of rubber. Swings and toy horses are also available. Miniaturk Express, an electric mini train, gives children an enjoyable ride through the park. Entrance fee is 5.000.000 TL. Teachers and students can visit the park for 3.000.000 TL.

Pets Park
Ankara Sincan Evcil Hayvanlar Park hosts 154 pets of 16 different kinds. The facilities of the park are a café decorated like an old Ankara house, two artifical-grass soccer fields, two basketball and one volleyball field, a 900-metre jogging route, two corners with fitness apparatus, two children's playgrounds and a sports center. The children can learn about animals while playing.

Disabled Children's Park
Rotary - Yedi Pınar Disabled Children Rehabilitation Center and Education Park has been in service in Adana since 1998. The park covers an area of 6,000 m2 on Turgut Özal Boulevard. Soft playing areas, resting, painting and handicrafts rooms, a kitchen, clinic, showers and special toilets for the disabled are available. Walking routes, climbing ropes, swings for wheelchairs and jumping pools are among the facilities. Free transportation is provided with specially equipped buses by the Municipality of Adana.

Oyuncakistan Playground
It is located in Göksu Park in Ankara. Playing corners, tunnel slides, Lego and towers are among the facilities. The area is near a 100,000 m2 lake. In addition to the playground go-cart track, fourteen buffets, a 600-meter-high mountain sled, movie theater, sports center, a 200-person toilet, and a 1000-person amphitheater are available. The picnic area has 650 pergolas with fountains and Nehir Gemisi Restaurant.

Emirgan Grove Park
Emirgan Grove is where people go in order to have a picnic and let their children get some fresh air without leaving the city. The children's playground at the Emirgan Grove is surrounded with fences and consists of two swings and slides. It is crowded with children on weekends. The entrance fee for cars is 3,000,000 TL. The Yellow and White Pavilions are open to public and the pavilions offer open-buffet breakfast on weekends between 09:00 and 13:00.

Bostanlı Recreation Area
The Karşıyaka - Bostanlı coast is part of the new shore arrangement of İzmir Gulf. This route was converted to a green are of 160 m2. In addition to a children's playground, the park has basketball courts, tennis courts, skateboard rinks, jogging and biking routes, fitness apparatuses, and picnic areas. The cafés along the route belong to the Municipality.

Baby Park
Baby Park is the biggest and newest park in Antalya and is located in Atatürk Kültür Parkı on a 1000 m2 area. The park is mostly for children between 2 and 11 years old. Among the facilities are a merry-go-round, ferris wheel, train, plane, boats, canoes and gondola. It is also possible to rent four-wheeled cycles and ride within the park. Entrance is free. There is a café where parents can easily watch their children while sipping their coffee.

Röne Park
Röne Park is on Istanbul Caddesi in Yeşilköy. Don't be surprised when chickens and hens run around you in the park because a new place is being constructed for animals. In addition to the playground, the park also has a tea garden. A beautiful walking route towards the seaside is available. You can drop in at the tea gardens scattered along the coast.

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