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Residence Permit

We thank Poroy & ÖzülküLaw firm for kindly providing information for this section.

The foreigners who will stay in Turkey for more than three months shall apply to security authorities and fill in a declaration in order to obtain a residence permit. The applicant shall be requested no fees or charges for this declaration.

The foreigners who have arrived in Turkey for the purpose of working must obtain a residence permit within one month beginning on their arrival dates. They must have received the permission before the start of work, in any condition.

The foreigners arrived in Turkey with a common passport on purpose of touring or participating in a congress or conference or a cultural entertainment are not assigned to obtain permission within two months. This duration may be longer if necessary.

Residence permits are obtained from the local police headquarters. If the claimant or the head of the family has already been granted a work permit, the residence permit will be extended easily. Documents needed are as follows:

The documents requested from working foreigners are:
Photocopy of work permit provided from Under Secretairat of Treasury
A petition written on the company-titled paper
Passport and a photocopy of the passport
4 declarations filled in by a typing machine
7 photographs of the applicant

The documents requested from the ones married to a foreigner are:
Explained sample of population registration received from the Directorate of Census,
7 photographs of the applicant and a petition,
Passport and a photocopy of the passport,
4 declarations filled in by a typing machine.

The documents requested from foreign students are:
Form duly signed and certified by the school, showing that the foreigner is a student
4 documents prepared by the school upon the request of the applicant
Petition and photocopy of passport
4 declarations filled in by a typing machine,
7 photographs of the applicant
Bank document showing the living standards: $ 1200 yearly,
The scholarship documents if any existing
60 YTL for the student resident permit.

Granting period:
The term of the residence permit is determined with respect to the regulations, the provisions of the contracts signed with the foreign governments and especially with respect to the request of the applicant. The residence permit lasts, at most, for 5 five years. The term may be increased or decreased by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, upon consulting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in accordance with the “reciprocity principle”. The permit may be extended for only four times.

Address: Yabancılar Bürosu, Vatan Caddesi, Fatih, Istanbul

Residence Permit shall not be given to those:
Who have come to Turkey for a profession that is permitted to only Turkish citizens
Who do not have sufficient financial capacity to meet basic standards of living
Who have arrived in Turkey despite their being forbidden to be in Turkey
Who disturb the common (public) order and security while residing in Turkey.

Some professions are restricted to foreigners. Foreigners cannot practice as: medical doctor, dentist, midwife, sick-attendant, pharmacist, optician, veterinarian and chemist, judge and public prosecutor, attorney, Notary public, liable director at newspapers, (the liable director of newspapers or magazines published by foreigners should also be a Turkish citizen), a member, representative, assistant or commissioner at the Stock Exchange. Foreigners are also forbidden from selling monopoly products.

For the Renewal of Permits
Foreigners should apply to the authorities of security within 15 days of the expiry date in their residence permit. You can apply to the authorities either before or after the permit expires. No declaration fee or charge shall be asked for the renewal from foreigners who have no change in their civil status. In the case of a lost residence permit, the permit shall be replaced by a new one which will be valid until the same expiry date which was listed in the previous document. Foreigners who have a change in their civil status shall declare this to the security authorities within 15 days of the date of the change occurred. All the declarations are free of charge.

No VISA is necessary for foreigners who have gone abroad and returned before the expiry dates in the permits. It is necessary and sufficient to submit their residence permit during their entry into Turkey. When moving from one place of residence (i.e. apartment or home) in Turkey to another. Foreigners who possess residence permits are required to inform and register, either in person or by mail within 48 hours the police or the gendarme headquarters in both the neighborhood they left and in the neighborhoot they moved to.

Interruption of Residence Period
Being abroad for a period of up to 6 months shall not be deemed as an interruption in the calculation of the "5 years residence period". That means the time spent abroad, up to a maximum of 6 months, is not included in the time of residence in Turkey. The foreigner may leave the country for a period of 6 months at most at one time. This time spent abroad shall not bring to a halt the ongoing 5-year residence period yet will not be taken into consideration in the calculation of 5-year residence period. Rather, the time spent abroad shall be deducted from the total residence period in Turkey,but does not stop the overall 5-year residence period from later continuing.

In cases of interruptions caused by force major such as medical treatments and education, the residence period shall not be deemed as interrupted even if the time spent abroad exceeds 6 months.

Sample Petition
Law on Foreigners and International Protection 2014
Amendment to Turkish Citizenship Law
Change to Turkish Visa Procedure
Residence Permit
Turkish Nationality
Mandatory Health Insurance for Expats
Home Sweet Home
For the Official Status
Documents to Carry With
Embassies and Consulates
Personal Security Precautions
Working in Turkey
Studying in Turkey
Turkish Legal System
Financial System
Translation Services
Speaking Turkish
Customs Regulations

Latest comments about this article

 By drstera  2.6.2014

Hello, I´m an Egyptian radiologist working in KSA. I was thinking of moving to reside in Turkey and I´ve just read on your site that it is not allowed for foreigners to practice medicine in Turkey. OK; is it allowed for foreigners to work as sonographers? because if so, I intend to do it temporarily till I fulfil the conditions of acquiring the Turkish nationality. Thank you in advance for your concern.

 By kat12345  24.4.2014

I applied for a residence permit before April 10th but when I went to pick it up on April 22 like I was told to do, they told me to wait for it in the mail instead (my address on the application is not a good mailing address). I don´t know what to do. Also, will be giving birth soon in Turkey and now I am worried about not having a residence permit or a current visa. Also, I want to know more about the last paragraph because I previously left the country for educational purposes and want to know if I may qualify for citizenship.

 By takinjoon  27.10.2013

Thank you for the information however would you please confirm that these rules are still current and valid for 2013? Also, how long do you expect these rules to remain in place since there are new laws that should be implemented April 14, 2014. Also regarding the new April 14 laws, the laws state that residency is for one year. I assume you can then renew? I wasn´t able to find a good interpretation of the new laws. Thank you for this great site!

 By pentanol  4.12.2012

I study Tukish language in Dilmer of Erzurum and I am not student of university here in Turkey, I dont know if it is still possible for me to apply for residence permit here or not.

 By deliayse  19.7.2012

Hi i am not turkish and i would like to know that if i have a child with a turkish person but i am not married with him do i have the right for resident permit in order to keep our child near to her father and me at same time???

 By leylalevati  22.5.2012

i am not turkish and i would like to know that if i have a child with a turkish person but i am not married with him do i have right for the resident permit in order to keep our child near to his father and me at same time?

 By Marinocka  18.5.2011

Hello, I need an advice please. I was accepted for summer traineeship (staj) in turkish international company IKV (Iktisadi Kalkinma Vakfi). Duration 2 months (july and august. I contacted the Turkish Embassy in Slovakia and they told me I need to apply for work visa. BUT WHY????? I won´t be an employee with standars employment contract, I won´t be paid, IKV won´t pay my insurance, so why I should apply and pay for work visa?????? Can someone please advice me whether there is another option for me? There should be.. Thanks much in advance..

 By andrey  25.4.2011

At the moment the address is splitted. You are supposed to go to nearest Ministry to the address you are resitered

 By jesushchrysler  1.2.2011

I just moved to Bahçeşehir, near Istanbul, and we went to the local police department today (as advised by this website) to find out for sure whether that was where we needed to go for residency papers (I am a U.S. citizen and my wife is Turkish) and to verify what paperwork we needed to bring with us. We were told that they could not do it and we need to go to a place near Taksim... I will be posting an update with the correct location and necessary papers once we do so; hopefully this will help others avoid any unnecessary and fruitless trips to the local PD.

 By Ian  20.7.2009

Hi, I am looking to move to Turkey to eventually marry a Turkish national, I have no work permit but will be looking for work when I get there, will I be able to apply for a Residence Permit or would I have to wait until I was married or working

 By peacebreadland  10.7.2007

Hi İ am currently residing in İstanbul- without a particular work permit or visa. İ was involved in a volunteer organisation but now i have finished it and want to get a payed job here. How do i go about this?

 By mymurat  3.2.2007

I need some advice. I´m currently a permanent resident of Canada carrying a Philippine passport. I´m going to Turkey this August to be with my turkish husband and plan to stay there for at least 6 months and go back to Canada for a few weeks to finalize my application for my canadian citizenship. After this i will go back to Turkey with a Canadian passport this time(insa allah) and plan to stay there indefinitely. What is the best thing to get? A visa or a residence permit? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

 By rumkiwalsh  27.1.2007

hello all! i really need you guys help or the one who can help me with this...we are foreigners in turkey and we have our residence permit and everything we need to settle down here..we have a friend fro ethiopia who is our resposibilty - more to say she is like a family member - she is part of our family..we are having problem getting her residence permit..its very hard on all of us as you would guess to let go off one of the family members..we deffinitely want her to stay..and i do need any help i get to make it happen - turkey is a very nice place to live in and we really want our member of the family to stay...please do get back to me as soon as anyone can..i am desperate for some help...please!

 By mymerhaba team  11.9.2006

We recommend you to contact with your Consulate/Embassy.

 By sammy1978  10.9.2006

Can somebody please help me? Im am getting married to my wonderful fiance Ayvas in bodrum in October, Hopefully I will be going to live with him with my 9 year old daughter in late december. What papers do I need? I have asked him and he says as long as Im married to him I can get a residency visa no problems with my passport and birth certificate, but Im not convinced. I want to make sure that I have the correct paperwork before I move there permenantly. Any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.

 By mike2006  26.2.2006

Merhaba! I came studying to TOMER for 2 months, do I still need to apply for residence permit?

 By kordon kid  31.10.2005

I want to clarify or correct the info in this section. I am a US citizen living in Turkey due to my wife is a citizen. I am not on a work visa. Last year, my residency (ikamet) for one year cost 410 Lira plus 70 Lira for the ”dosya” (to open a new file). Five years would have cost me 2000+ lira. Ask the security dept. foreigner´s buro how much it costs and when do you pay, before assuming anything. -Ted VB

 By mymerhaba team  21.6.2005

Dear Nadia, thanks for your useful information.

 By nadia  21.6.2005

Hi, the information you have given on this site about the residence permit is very helpfull. I am a Turkish language course student who just moved in 3 weeks ago and I just got my ikamet teskerezi yesterday. Just to add one information that I needed to pay YTL 60 for the student permit, which I didnt know and therefore I needed to come back home to get some money. Hope you can add this information to your website. Thanks

Would you like to add your comment about this article? Click here!

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