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 AKUT (Search and Rescue Society)
The number on the increase of mountain climbing accidents, stuck in on the mountains, and getting lost were as a result of the increase in the interest of nature sports during the nineties. Therefore a well-organized rescue group of 7 is established in 1995. This non-profit association is called AKUT. And their goal is to rescue people not only on the mountains but also all over the nature and during natural disasters. AKUT's success during the August 17, 1999 earthquake in rescuing over 200 people under the ruins of buildings carried the association to the headlines of media. This well organized voluntary association has many successes both throughout the country and abroad.
Profilo Alışveriş Merkezi, Zemin Kat Mecidiyeköy
Tel: (212) 217 04 10, Fax: (212) 217 04 22

ARIT  - American Research Institute in Turkey
ARIT is a non-profit organization founded in the U.S. in 1964. It has been active in Turkey for 39 years. Its aim is to promote advanced research in Turkey in all fields of the humanities and social sciences. ARIT sponsors research in Turkey by granting fellowships to graduate students and established scholars in the U.S. and in Turkey and by supporting branches in Istanbul and Ankara, each with a library and hostel for researchers.

FARIT is the Istanbul Friends of ARIT, which was formed in 1984 to support the work of the Istanbul Branch of ARIT. Membership is open to all residents of Istanbul. Members may bring guests to most activities.
ARIT Ankara
Turan Emeksiz Sokak. No. 7, Kent Sitesi B. Blok D:3
Gaziosmanpaşa, Ankara
Open 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:00 weekdays.
Tel: (312) 427 22 22
Fax: (312) 427 49 79
FARIT Istanbul
Üvez Sokak No. 5, Arnavutköy
Tel: (212) 257 81 11
Fax: (212) 257 83 69
For more information click the link given below.

Beyaz Nokta Vakfı (White Point Foundation)
White Point Movement (WPM) is a non-profit, non-political establishment. The mission of WPM is to increase the problem solving capability of the society. It is a movement working towards improvement of Turkish society in the social, political, cultural and ethical context within the direction of contemporary world norms. White Point Foundation has been established and led by the people who had recognized those needs. The objective of the movement is to promote the need for an increased problem solving capability primarily among the effective people who are managing and steering the society, and ultimately the whole society.

Learning center (in short, OMER) is a center in which the people of all ages and from all interests will take advantage of meeting their needs for information and skill concerning their professional, cultural or hobby needs. Currently there are service units within some public establishments.
Head office:
Şair Nedim Sokak 2/9,
06690 Çankaya Ankara
Tel: (312) 441 48 70, Fax: (312) 441 53 99
Istanbul Office:
Talatpasa Mah. Aslangazi Caddesi, Akçalı Sokak 2/4, 80360 Kagithane
Tel: (212) 222 47 69 - Zuhal Öztürk

Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği (Contemporary Life Support Association)
This association was founded by a group of academicians and intellectual people faithful to Atatürk's principles and revolutions. They have 95 branches and over 16.000 members throughout the country. The goal of the association is to preserve, develop and spread the rights given by Atatürk's principles and revolutions and to reach the contemporary individual and public by "Contemporary Education."
President: Prof. Dr. Aysel ÇELIKEL
Şimal Sokak 10, Şişhane
Tel: (212) 252 44 33, Fax: (212) 252 65 95

LÖSEV - Lösemili Çocuklar Vakfı (Ankara Foundation of Children with Leukemia)
LÖSEV established Lösante, the first "Hospital For the Children with Leukemia" in Ankara. It is an-eight-floor building which spreads to an area of 2400 square meters and has all the opportunities of modern science and with its blood bank, laboratories and all other units,. All the services of our hospital are carried out with the help of the University Hospitals in Ankara and the hospitals abroad and are free of charge. Two floors of the hospital are for the short-term accommodations of the patients and families. Another floor has a theater, painting, music, game and computer rooms, so that our children could follow their education and have quite a good time even in the hospital. The foundations welcomes monetary donations as well as toys, clothing, blood, medicine, school equipment, bicycles. Besides, you can provide scholarship to the children and also you can undertake a child's treatment expenses.
Bank accounts for monetary donations:
Yapı Kredi Bankası Gaziosmanpaşa Branch, 1002666-6
İş Bank Mithatpaşa 473000 Ankara
Ziraat Bank G.O.P 190006 Ankara
Lösev Headquarters:
Reşit Galip Caddesi, İlkadım Sokak, 14,Gaziosmanpaşa, Ankara
Tel: (312) 447 06 60
Lösante à Lösev Hospital
Turgutlu Sokak, 30, Gaziosmanpaşa
Tel: (312) 446 46 06
e-mail: [email protected]

The Network of Foreign Spouses (Yabancı Eşler Derneği)
The Network of Foreign Spouses, an official association since December 1998, was started with the specific purpose of gathering together the foreign spouses of Turkish citizens, whatever their country of origin. The aim of the Network is to improve the quality of life of foreign spouses of Turkish citizens living in Turkey.
PK 63, Kızıltoprak, Istanbul
Fax: (216) 349 26 22 or 414 63 02

Theodora Çocuk Hizmetleri Vakfı(The Theodora Foundation)
was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1993by two brothers; Jan and Andre Poulie, in memory of their mother Theodora. Worldwide, 120 Theodora Clown Doctors visit 82 hospitals on a weekly basis, the realization of a universal concept devoted to hospitalized children around the world. The aim of the foundation is to help ease the suffering of children in hospitals by helping them laugh and have fun. Carefully selected professional performers are specially trained to become Theodora Clown Doctors, who entertain hospitalized children with music, juggling, conjuring tricks and by telling them stories. The clown doctors work closely together with the hospital staff in order to bring laughter and diversion to the daily life of the hospital ward, this making their own contribution to the care of the children concerned.
The program started in Istanbul in 1998 at the Child Clinic of Cerrahpaşa Hospital, then at Kartal Hospital Semiha Şakir Child Clinic in June 2000 and most recently in March 2002 at Çapa Child Clinic. A team of 5 trained Theodora Clown Doctors pay weekly visits to the hospitals and visit 15,000 children and their families every year.
The days the Clown Doctors visit the hospitals:
Child Clinic Of Cerrahpaşa Hospital is being visited every Wednesday
The Semiha Şakir Child Clinic of Kartal Hospital every Thursday
Child Clinic Of Çapa Hospital every Tuesday
InönüCaddesi, Tarik Zafer Tunaya Sokak N.16/3 Gümüssuyu, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 292 84 14
Fax: (212) 292 84 15

Türk Eğitim Vakfı (Turkish Education Foundation)
Instead of sending flowers to funerals or marriage ceremonies why not making contributions to the education of successful students by sending TEV wreaths. All you should do is to call them
TEV was founded in 1967 by 205 charitable people dedicated themselves to education under the leadership of late Mr. Vehbi KOÇ. The aim of the foundation is to provide scholarship to those students successful but financially insufficient, to establish schools, student hostels, and to help national education. TEV has 11 branches besides Istanbul.
Büyükdere Caddesi 111, Gayrettepe
Tel: (212) 217 58 58 (Pbx), Fax: (212) 217 56 90

Türkiye Aile Sağlığı ve Planlaması Vakfı (The Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation)
The Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation (TFHP) was established in 1985 by a group of distinguished industrialists, businessmen, and scientists under the leadership of late Mr. Vehbi Koç. It is a private, voluntary, non-governmental foundation. The goal of the foundation was to encourage people actively involved in improving the life quality by educating the families on family planning, sexually transmitted diseases and safe motherhood.
Güzel Konutlar Sitesi A-Blok D: 3-4, Ulus Mahallesi
Tel: (212) 257 79 41, Fax: (212) 257 79 43

Türkiye Eğitim Gönüllüleri Vakfı (Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV)
As a non-profit volunteer organization EV's goal is to contribute to the solution of education problems facing Turkey today to serve the future of the country. They try to raise the education, learning and culture levels. EV operates a total of 84 facilities including education parks, learning centers and mobile computer units throughout the country. Facilities are open to all children regardless of race, sex, class, religion or ethnic origin. Mobile Learning Units, the newest of foundation facilities, are housed in custom designed and engineered trailers. Affectionately named the "Firefly", each mobile unit travels from neighborhood to neighborhood, community to community, village to village for 48 weeks a year, stopping at designated locations for a period of two to four weeks.
Since the foundation's capabilities are limited they need support either as financial donation or as contributing some of your time for working with these children. The aim is to contribute the education of 1.000.000 children in 5 years. As of April 23rd 75.000 children are already benefiting from the Foundation's efforts.
Baba Nakkas Sokak No. 8, Nakkastepe 81200 Istanbul
Volunteer Opportunities Tel:(90)(216) 326-8696
Donations Tel:(90)(216) 492-3232 Fax:(90)(216) 492-3233

Türkiye Zeka Vakfı (Turkish Intelligence Foundation)
Turkish Intelligence Foundation is established in 1995 and started its activities with the aim of discovering the intellectual potential of Turkey orientate and develop this potential. Main activities can be listed in 5 main topics:

Utilization of Intelligence: Activities regarding the evaluation, orientation, development and discovery of human intelligence.
High IQ - Genius Group: Activities in order to find out high IQ people and geniuses, and supply the right environment for their motivation.
Information Society: Activities to determine and develop the abilities which are crucial in an information society, in order to adapt information age, and activities to build a superior information society.
Artificial Intelligence: Research, development and application activities in order to create intelligent computer systems.
Brain Sports: Activities regarding chess and other brain sports and intelligence competitions.
Tel: (312) 210 63 73, Fax: (312) 210 63 70


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