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Türkiye Bankalar Birliği (The Banks Association of Turkey), founded in 1958 bears a legal unit and is the representative body for all the banks operating in Turkey. The Association's main aim is to develop banking in Turkey and to guarantee that banks operate in compliance with the rules. All banks operating in Turkey are legally required to be the members of the Association and they are either represented by either their bank's Chairman or General Manager. One of the important duties of the Association, while under the watchful eye of the government authorities is to represent and protect the interests of the banking sector.

All types of information regarding banking activating in Turkey can be obtained from Türkiye Bankalar Birligi - The Bank Association of Turkey. Following is the list of banks and their headquarter addresses. Simply visit their web site or give them a call for information about their services or to find the nearest branch to your home or work. For more information on commercial banks, foreign banks with branches in Turkey, or state or privately owned development and investment banks, apply to the Association's web site or call the bank directly.

Türkiye Bankalar Birliği - The Bank Association of Turkey
Nispetiye Caddesi
Akmerkez No: 131-B-3 Blok, Kat 13, Etiler - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 282 09 73
Fax: (212) 282 09 46

Deposit Banks in Turkey (as of December 2008):
State Owned Deposit Banks
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankası A.Ş.
Doğanbey Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı 8, Ulus Ankara
Tel: (312) 584 20 00
Fax: (312) 584 49 63
Ziraat Bankasi was established in 1888 and the first functions of the bank were to offer loans to farmers, to accept interest-bearing deposits and act as a moneylender. The bank provides financing to the agriculture sector and offers every kind of modern banking service to its customers.

Türkiye Halk Bankası A.Ş.

SögütözüMah. 2. Cad. 63, SögütözüAnkara
Tel: (312) 289 20 00
Fax: (312) 229 58 57
The Bank was established in 1933 and began functioning in 1938. Today Halk Bankasi carries out financing and consulting services to tradesmen, artists and small and middle capacity industrial companies besides deposit, credit, exchange and other banking activities.

Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O.
Atatürk Bulvari No 207 Kavaklidere Ankara
Tel: (312) 455 75 75
Fax: (312) 455 76 90 45 41
The bank was founded in 1954 with a special goal of keeping alive the foundation works forming one of the mile stones of Turkey's social, cultural and traditional structure.

Privately Owned Deposit  Banks
Adabank A.Ş.
Büyükdere cad. Rumeli Han 40, Kat 2
Tel: (212) 272 64 20
Fax: (212) 272 64 38

Akbank T.A.S.
Sabancı Center 4.Levent Istanbul
Tel: (212) 385 55 55
Fax: (212) 269 33 43
Akbank was established in 1948 and is a subsidiary of Sabanci Holding (one of the greatest holdings in Turkey). The bank offers a wide range of customer, commercial and trade services..

Alternatif Bank A.Ş.

Cumhuriyet Caddesi 46, Elmadağ Şişli – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 315 65 00
Fax: (212) 233 15 00
Alternatifbank A.Ş. (ABank)  was established in 1991 and is a mid-size Turkish bank, predominately serving medium scale companies. The Bank’s primary activities consist of corporate, commercial and individual banking; the latter is mainly geared toward deposit taking and asset management services.

Anadolubank A.Ş.
Cumhuriyet Mah. Silahşör Caddesi 77, Bomonti
Şişli – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 368 70 00
Fax: (212) 286 57 15
Anadolubank, a subsidiary of Habaş Group, was acquired from Privatization Administration in 1997.  Anadolubank targets to deliver ‘tailor-made solutions’ to its commercial and retail banking customers.

Şekerbank T.A.Ş.
Büyükdere Caddesi 171,
Metrocity A-Blok, Esentepe – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 319 70 00
Fax: (212) 319 74 29
Sekerbank T.A.S. was established in 1953 as the "Sugar Beet Cooperative Bank" in Eskisehir, Turkey. The Bank commenced its activities by pooling the modest savings of the sugar beet growers belonging to the cooperatives. Şekerbank became a full-service private bank in 1993.

Tekstil Bankası A.Ş.
Büyükdere Caddesi 63 Şişli İstanbul
Tel: (212) 335 53 35
Fax: (212) 328 13 28
Tekstilbank was founded in 1986 and is a commercial bank specializing in trade and investment financing together with retail banking services. GSD Holding stands as the majority shareholder of Tekstilbank.

Turkish Bank A.Ş.
Vali Konağı Caddesi 1, Nişantaşı
Tel: (212)  225 03 30
Fax: (212) 225 03 53
Turk Bankası LTD was founded by Turkish Bank Group in 1982. Turkish operations of the Group was reorganized under a new separate entity, when Turkish Bank A.Ş. was formed as an incorporated company at the end of 1991.

Türk Ekonomi Bankası A.Ş.
Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi No. 57
Fındıklı, İstanbul
Tel: (212) 251 21 21
Fax: (212) 249 65 68
Established in 1927 Türk Ekonomi Bankası A.Ş., (TEB) provides full range of financial services to corporate and individuals in Turkey. TEB has become a strong brand name with a powerful franchise servicing its clients through its branches and several financial subsidiaries acting in the field of Leasing, Insurance, Factoring, Securities Brokerage and Asset Management.

Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş.
Büyükdere Caddesi No 63
Maslak Istanbul
Tel: (212) 335 35 35
Fax: (212) 335 35 35
Garanti Bankası was founded in Ankara in 1946. The bank provides consumer, commercial and corporate banking services. Jointly owned by Dogus Holding and GE Capital, Garanti is publicly traded in the Istanbul Stock Exchange with a free float of 49%. Another special service provided to foreigners living in Turkey is that they can get a Garanti Bank Credit Card without the usual guarantor obligation. Simply fill in the application form.

Türkiye Iş Bankası A.Ş.

Büyükdere Caddesi, Iş Kuleleri
4. Levent Istanbul
Tel: (212) 316 00 00
Fax: (212) 316 09 00
Iş Bankası, founded in 1924 under the order of Atatürk, is considered the country's first truly national bank following the promulgation of the Republic. Today the shares of Işbank are listed on the London Stock Exchange as well as the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş.
Büyükdere Caddesi, Yapi Kredi Plaza D Blok
Levent Istanbul
Tel: (212) 339 70 00
Fax: (212) 339 60 00
Yapı Kredi was founded in 1944 as the first private bank in Turkey and was the first Turkish bank to maintain a Culture and Arts Advisory Department in its organization. Yapı Kredi successfully completed its merger with Koçbank, one of the largest mergers in the Turkish banking sector in October 2006.

Foreign Banks Founded in Turkey (With 50% or more foreign ownership)
Arap Türk Bankası A.Ş.
Valikonağı Caddesi, 10 Nişantaşı, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 225 05 00
Fax: (212) 225 05 26
Arab Turkish Bank (A&T Bank)  was established in 1977  and is  a joint venture Bank between Arab (65%) and Turkish (35%) shareholders. The bank has the license to realize banking operations such as International Money Market transactions, Foreign Exchange operations, as well as engaging in global financing and deposit taking activities, and is set to become the link between the businessmen in Turkey, and Arab and other foreign countries.

Citibank A.Ş..
İnkilap Mah. Ömer Faik Atakan Caddesi Yılmaz Plaza 3,  
Ümraniye Istanbul
Tel: (216) 524 50 00
Fax: (216) 524 50 50
Citi started doing business in Turkey in 1975 with corporate banking services and began to operate as a branch in 1981. However, even before the bank established a presence in Turkey, Citi was involved into many development projects such as motorway financings, power plants and dams. Citibank was the first foreign bank in Turkey to provide commercial banking services.

Denizbank A.Ş.
Büyükdere Caddesi, 110
Esentepe Istanbul
Tel: (212) 355 08 00
Fax: (212) 274 79 93 - 266 93 00
DenizBank was founded in 1938 as a state-owned bank in order to provide funding for the developing Turkish maritime sector. The bank was privatized in 1997.
Denizbank has been operating under the Dexia umbrella, a leading financial group in Europe, since 2006.

Deutsche Bank A.Ş.
Eski Büyükdere Caddesi Tekfen Tower No. 209 Kat 17-19
4 Levent - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 317 01 00
Fax: (212) 317 01 05
Since 1987 Deutsche Bank has provided corporate banking services in Turkey from its Istanbul headquarters. Changing its banking license in 2004, Deutsche Bank A.S. extended the scope of its services to offer a wider range of corporate banking products and it competes as a full-service bank in Turkey.

Eurobank Tekfen A.Ş.
Eski Büyükdere Caddesi, Tekfen Tower 209
4 Levent – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 371 37 37
Fax: (212) 357 08 08
Eurobank Tekfen was founded in 1989 as an investment and finance bank whose name was Tekfen Yatırım ve Finansman Bankası. As of 2007 Eurobank EFG, the second largest bank in Greece,  purchased  majority  shares of the bank and the name changed to Eurobank Tekfen in 2008.

Finansbank A.Ş.
Büyükdere Caddesi, 129
Mecidiyeköy Istanbul
Tel: (212) 318 50 00
Fax: (212) 318 55 78
Finansbank was founded in 1987 by Hüsnü Özyeğin. In 2006,  Finansbank sold 46% of its shares to the National Bank of Greece (NBG), the largest bank of Greece.

Fortis Bank A.Ş.
Yıldız Posta Caddesi 54,
Tel: (212) 318 38 38
Faş: (212)  272 52 78

Fortis entered to the Turkish finance market in 2005, acquiring Dışbank. Fortis Bank Belgium is the majority shareholder. Fortis Turkey is active in retail, corporate and merchant banking and asset management.

HSBC Bank A.Ş.
Esentepe Mahallesi, Büyükdere Caddesi 128
Şişli – Istanbul  
Tel: (212) 376 40 00
Fax: (212) 336 29 39
HSBC Bank (Turkey) A.Ş. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Bank plc and was
established in Turkey in 1990. Since that time, it has offered a comprehensive and flexible range of services for personal, corporate and institutional customers with the understanding and knowledge of the unique needs of customers in Turkey.

ING Bank A.Ş.
Eski Büyükdere Caddesi, Ayazağa Köy Yolu 6
Maslak, Sarıyer-Istanbul
Tel: (212) 335 10 00
Fax: (212) 286 61 00
Former Oyak Bank, which was founded in 1984. ING Bank, a global financial institution of Dutch origin, acquired 100% of Oyak Group’s shares in Oyak Bank in 2007.  the transformation from Oyak Bank to ING Bank brand was completed in 2008.

Millenium Bank A.Ş.
Esentepe Mahallesi, Villa Sokak 5
Esentepe – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 306 35 00
Fax: (212) 216 35 24
Launched in 2003 as Millennium BCP’s (Banco Comercial Portugues) investment in Turkey with the name “BankEuropa”. As of December 2006, BankEuropa was rebranded as “Millennium Bank”. The bank provides banking services and commercial banking to SME’s in Turkey.

Turkland Bank A.Ş.
19 Mayıs Mahhallesi, 19 Mayıs Caddesi
Şişli Plaza A Blok, 7
Şişli Istanbul
Tel: (212) 368 34 34
Fax: (212) 368 35 35
Former MNG Bank. As of 2007, the Bank’s name was changed to Turkland Bank A.Ş. (T-Bank). Main shareholders are Arab Bank Plc and BankMed Sal.

Foreign Banks Having Branches in Turkey
ABN Amro Bank N.V.
Tanburi Ali Efendi Sok. 13
Etiler, Beşiktaş - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 359 40 40 )
Fax: (212) 359 50 50
Amsterdam-Rotterdam (Amro) Bank is a powerful bank in world markets, building on a tradition of stimulating international trade. The bank has 3500 branches throughout the world.

Bank Mellat
Büyükdere Caddesi Birbirçiçek Sokak 1,
1. Levent  - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 279 80 15
Fax: (212) 284 62 14
Bank Mellat Turkey is a 100% subsidiary of Bank Mellat Iran and began to operate in İstanbul in 1982.

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
Büyükdere Caddesi 185
Kanyon Ofis Binası Kat 8
Levent - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 319 85 00
Fax: (212) 319 86 64

Habib Bank Ltd.
Abide-i Hürriyet Caddesi, Geçit Sokak 12, Sisli
Tel: (212) 246 02 20
Fax: (212) 234 08 07
HBL is the first commercial bank in Pakistan and was established in 1947. HBL Turkey was founded in Istanbul in 1983.

Société Générale (SA)
Nispetiye Caddesi, Akmerkez E-3 Blok Kat 10
Etiler Istanbul
Tel: (212) 319 34 00
Fax: (212) 282 18 48

Ebulula Mardin Caddesi, Maya Park Towers II
Akatlar Istanbul
Tel: (212) 339 25 00
Fax: (212) 352 22 58,352 22 42
WestLB began its activities in Turkey in 1990.WestLB Istanbul is a respected partner in treasury, correspondent banking, investment banking and trade finance as well as structured finance products.

Representative Offices of Foreign Banks in Turkey (As of 2008)
American Express Bank
Swiss Otel Suit Tower 2711
Beşiktaş - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 259 10  08
Fax: (212) 261 70 14

Banka Commerciale Italiana
Cinnah Caddesi 7/3, Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: (312) 467 11 70
Fax: (312) 426 37 22

Bank for Foreign Trade of Russian Federation
Tekfen Sitesi, Birlik Apt. A-13, Daire 10
Ulus – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 257 61 83
Fax: (212) 257 61 74

Bank für Handel und Effekten
Konaklar Mahallesi, Söğüt Sokak No. 5/3
Levent - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 278 05 29
Fax: (212) 269 52 15

Bank Kreiss AG.
Büyükdere Caddesi, 14/2
Şişli  - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 233 91 09
Fax: (212) 233 90 12

Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi Ltd.
Büyükdere Caddesi 100-102,  B Blok, Kat: 20
Esentepe - Istanbul
Tel: (212) 288 56 45
Fax: (212) 288 56 46

Banque de Commerce et de Placements S.A.

Büyükdere Caddesi No 14
Şişli, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 233 36 30
Fax: (212) 233 36 36

Banque Indosuez
Büyükdere Caddesi, Yapı Kredi Plaza
C Blok Kat 15, No. 20
Levent – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 279 73 11
Fax: 279 84 93

Banque Internationale de Commerce
Kore Şehitleri Caddesi 9
Esentepe, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 272 94 27
Fax: (212) 274 45 37

Banque Paribas
Mete Caddesi 22/3, Taksim Istanbul
Tel: (212) 245 34 21
Fax: (212) 251 43 85

BNP Banque Nationale de Paris
Inönü Caddesi, Vakıf İş Hanı 2, Kat: 2
Taksim, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 251 74 47
Fax: (212) 251 74 49

CBI-TDB Union Bancaire Privee
Swissotel Suite Tower 2911
Besiktas, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 259 29 10
Fax: (212) 259 47 16

Commerz Bank A.G.
Mete Caddesi 20/4
Taksim, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 251 53 50
Fax: (212) 251 53 52

Credit Lyonnais
Setüstü Haktan Ishani 45 Kat: 4
Kabatas, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 251 63 00
Fax: (212) 251 77 24

Demir Halk Bank (Nederland) N.V.
Bayıldım Caddesi, 2. Maçka Suit Tower 2711
Besiktas, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 236 00 79
Fax: (212) 236 04 93

Dresdner Bank

InönüCaddesi 70/5
Gümüssuyu, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 252 66 84
Fax: (212) 252 66 83

First Union National Bank of North Carolina
BJK Plaza A Blok Kat:9, No 97
Beşiktaş – Istanbul

Generale de Bank
Büyükdere Caddesi, Yapı Kredi Plaza
C Blok, Kat 15
4 Levent – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 280 98 79
Fax: (212) 281 14 73

Internationale Nederlanden Bank N.V. (ING BANK)
Bronz Sok. 1/19, Maçka – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 231 90 31
Fax: (212) 247 10 74

Instituto Bancairo San Paulo di Torino
Ediz & Süner Plaza, Meydan Sok 14 Kat 1/A
Akatlar - Istanbul

Kızkulesi Sokak 3/5
Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara
Tel: (312) 447 09 93
Fax: (312) 447 09 96

Rabobank Nederland
Maslak Kule Meydanı Sokak 28, Kat 14
Maslak, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 290 23 63
Fax: (212) 290 23 77

Sovran Bank (Central South)
Setüstü 79, Set apt. Kat 3, Daire 7
Kabataş – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 245 41 55
Fax: (212) 245 20 93

Sumitomo Bank Ltd.
Büyükdere Caddesi, Yapı Kredi Plaza
B Blok, Kat 7, Levent – Istanbul
Tel: (212) 280 08 30
Fax: (212) 280 08 45

The Bank of Newyork
Büyükdere Caddesi 108, Enka Han Kat 4
Tel: (212) 275 76 15
Fax: (212) 272 54 51

Taib Bank
19 Mayıs Mahallesi, Dr. Sevket Bey Sokak 5
Sisli, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 225 70 90
Fax: (212) 231 95 99

United Garanti Bank Int. N.V.
Büyükdere Caddesi Meydan Sokak Maslak Kule 28/80
Maslak, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 290 26 60
Fax: (212) 290 26 65

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Latest comments about this article

 By vandc  10.3.2007

It would be helpful to list typical bank hours of operation, since, coming from another country, I have no idea what the hours are.

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Financial System
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