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Cinemas   (İstanbul, Ankara)


Adana, Tepe Cinemaxx
Adana, Tepe Cinemaxx, 7 Screens


AFM ANKAmall , 10 Screens

AFM, Kavaklıdere
AFM, Kavaklıdere, 2 Screens

Bahcelievler Buyulufener
Bahcelievler Buyulufener , 4 Screens

Bahçelievler Tüze On Cinema Club
Bahçelievler Tüze On Cinema Club, 7 Screens

Bilkent Cinebonus
Bilkent Cinebonus, 5 Screens

Cankaya Ata On Tower
Cankaya Ata On Tower, 7 Screens

Çankaya Cinemagic
Çankaya Cinemagic, 5 Screens

Cankaya Mithatpasa
Cankaya Mithatpasa, 3 Screens

Çankaya Moviepol
Çankaya Moviepol, 7 Screens

Cayyolu Cinebonus Arcadium
Cayyolu Cinebonus Arcadium, 7 Screens

Cebeci Sine
Cebeci Sine, 5 Screens

Eryaman Tüze Optimum
Eryaman Tüze Optimum, 6 Screens

Kavaklidere Batı
Kavaklidere Batı, 3 Screens

Kavaklidere Kavaklidere Sinemasi
Kavaklidere Kavaklidere, 4 Screens

Kecioren Moviecity
Kecioren Moviecity, 4 Screens

Kizilay Ankapol
Kizilay Ankapol, 1 Screen

Kizilay Buyulufener
Kizilay Buyulufener , 11 Screens

Kizilay Kizilirmak
Kizilay Kizilirmak, 3 Screens

Kizilay Megapol
Kizilay Megapol, 3 Screens

Kizilay Metropol
Kizilay Metropol, 9 Screens

Mesa Koru
Mesa Koru, 3 Screens

Sıhhiye Derya
Sıhhiye Derya, 3 Screens

Sogutozu Armada
Sogutozu Armada, 11 Screens


Antalya, CineBonus
Antalya, CineBonus, 8 Screens


AFM Akmerkez, Etiler
AFM Akmerkez Etiler, 4 Screens

AFM Carousel, Bakırköy
AFM Carousel, Bakırköy 4 Screens

AFM Carrefour, Maltepe
AFM Carrefour, Maltepe, 8 Screens

AFM Carrefour, Ümraniye
AFM Carrefour, Ümraniye 6 Screens

AFM Fitaş
AFM Fitaş, 10 Screens

AFM İdealtepe
AFM Idealtepe, 6 Screens

AFM KG & CC, 1 Screens

AFM Mayadrom
AFM Mayadrom, 2 Screens

AFM Migros, Beylikdüzü
AFM Migros, Beylikdüzü 4 Screens

AFM Princess, Maslak
AFM Princess, Maslak 4 Screens

AFM Princess, Ortaköy
AFM Princess Ortaköy, 2 Screens

AFM Teşvikiye
AFM Teşvikiye, 3 Screens

AFM Uptown, Etiler
AFM Uptown, Etiler, 3 Screens

Alkent 2000 Favori
Alkent 2000 Favori, 1 Screens

Ataköy Atrium
Ataköy Atrium, 1 Screens

Ataköy Prestige Galleria
Ataköy Prestige Galleria, 5 Screens

Atatürk Kültür Merkezi
Atatürk Kültür Merkezi

Avcılar Avşar
Avcılar Avşar, 5 Screens

Avcılar New Films
Avcılar New Films, 3 Screens

Bahçelievler Holidayplex Kadir Has Center
Bahçelievler Holidayplex Kadir Has Center

Bahçelievler Holidayplex Ünverdi
Bahçelievler Holidayplex Ünverdi , 6 screens

Bakırköy Avşar
Bakırköy Avşar, 8 Screens

Bakırköy Chaplin
Bakırköy Chaplin, 4 Screen

Bakırköy İncirli
Bakırköy İncirli , 4 Screens

Bakırköy Renk
Bakırköy Renk, 1 Screens

Bakırköy Sinema 74
Bakırköy Sinema 74

Beykoz Acarkent Coliseum
Beykoz Acarkent Coliseum , 4 Screen

Beykoz Karya
Beykoz Karya, 2 Screens

Beyoğlu Akademi
Beyoğlu Akademi

Beyoğlu Alkazar
Beyoğlu Alkazar, 3 Screens

Beyoğlu Atlas
Beyoğlu Atlas, 2 Screens

Beyoğlu Beyoğlu
Beyoğlu Beyoğlu , 2 Screens

Beyoğlu Cine Majestik
Beyoğlu Cine Majestik, 3 Screens

Beyoğlu Emek
Beyoğlu Emek

Beyoğlu Lale
Beyoğlu Lale, 2 Screens

Beyoğlu Pera
Beyoğlu Pera

Beyoğlu Sinepop
Beyoğlu Sinepop, 2 Screens

Beyoğlu Yeşilçam
Beyoğlu Yeşilçam

Büyükçekmece Favori
Büyükçekmece Favori, 4 Screens

Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi
Caddebostan Cultural Center

Capitol Spectrum 14
Capitol Spectrum 14, 6 Screens

Çemberlitaş Şafak Movıeplex
Çemberlitaş Şafak Movıeplex, 7 Screens

Çengelköy CineMALL
Çengelköy CineMALL, 5 Screens

Dolmabahçe Shop&Miles M.T. (Ritz Carlton)
Dolmabahçe Shop&Miles M.T. (Ritz Carlton)

Etiler Movieplex
Etiler Movieplex , 4 Screens

Etiler Peugeot Cinecity Alkent
Etiler Peugeot Cinecity Alkent , 3 Screens

Etiler Peugeot Cinecity Alkent
Etiler Peugeot Cinecity Alkent , 3 Screens

Florya Cinebonus
Florya Cinebonus, 6 Screens

Fulya Siemens Towerside
Fulya Siemens Towerside, 2 Screen

İstinye CineMALL
İstinye CineMALL, 9 Screens

Kadıköy As
Kadıköy As, 4 Screens

Kadıköy Broadway
Kadıköy Broadway, 2 Screens

Kadıköy Cinema Moda
Kadıköy Cinema Moda, 3 Screens

Kadıköy Kadıköy
Kadıköy Kadıköy, 2 Screens

Kadıköy Paradiso
Kadıköy Paradiso, 1 Screens

Kadıköy Rexx
Kadıköy Rexx , 3 Screens

Kadıköy Tepe Cinemaxx
Kadıköy Tepe Cinemaxx , 8 screen

Karaköy Istanbul Modern
Karaköy Istanbul Modern

Kavacık Boğaziçi Sinemaları
Kavacık Boğaziçi , 5 Screens

Kozyatagi Bonus Premium Cinecity Trio
Kozyatagi Bonus Premium Cinecity Trio

Kozyatağı Cinepol
Kozyatagi Cinepol

Levent Kanyon, Cinemars
Levent Kanyon, Cinemars

Maçka Cinebonus (G-mall)
Maçka Cinebonus (G-mall), 6 Screens

Maslak Cine Cep
Maslak Cine Cep, 4 Screens

Mecidiyeköy Cineplex Odeon
Mecidiyeköy Cineplex Odeon , 7 Screens

Nişantaşı Movieplex
Nişantaşı Movieplex , 3 Screens

Ortaköy Feriye
Ortaköy Feriye, 3 Screens

Osmanbey Gazi
Osmanbey Gazi , 7 Screens

Şaşkınbakkal Beko C.C. (M&S)
Şaşkınbakkal Beko C.C. (M&S) , 3 Screens

Şaşkınbakkal Boyner
Şaşkınbakkal Boyner, 2 Screens

Sefaköy Cinemaxi
Sefaköy Cinemaxi, 4 Screens

Silivri Cinemaxi
Silivri Cinemaxi, 3 Screen

Şişli Kent
Şişli Kent , 4 Screens

Şişli Movieplex
Şişli Movieplex , 5 Screens

Suadiye Movieplex
Suadiye Movieplex , 6 Screens

Üsküdar Moviegold
Üsküdar Moviegold, 3 Screens

Yeşilköy Peugeot Cinecity
Yeşilköy Peugeot Cinecity , 2 Screens

Zeytinburnu Cinecity Olivium
Zeytinburnu Cinecity Olivium , 6 Screens


Metro Sinemaları
Metro Sinemaları, 8 Screens

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